CEDC has two main economic organizing tools: The Clean Economy Roadshow and The Portfolio of Replicable Projects.

The Clean Economy Roadshow: CEDC’s Roadshow helps local economic organizers develop projects, like building retrofits and solar thermal water systems. The Roadshow convenes all of the stakeholders involved in a project—leaders from the public, private and community sectors—alongside federal officials and national experts to identify opportunities and overcome challenges. This type of cross-sector engagement often surfaces new resources and accelerates project development.

Over the last two years, CEDC has held over 20 Roadshows with governors, members of Congress, mayors, state representatives, state energy officers, labor union leaders, local entrepreneurs, utility executives, manufacturers, NGOs and community and public leaders. These Roadshows have:

Helped eight communities win over $130 million in federal grants for  pilot energy retrofit programs

Replicated a solar thermal water program in Charlotte County, Florida

Supported the passage of quality assurance and energy-efficiency financing legislation in Maine, Ohio and Wisconsin

►Connected private and community sector partners to U.S. Department of Energy-funded programs in 21 communities across the country

►Created a pilot program for community-driven consumer demand in Oregon

►Created a pilot retrofit supply-chain management program in Missouri

►Helped to establish a first-of-its-kind Contractors’ Institute at Cincinnati State to provide workforce training and business support to contractors and their employees

►Resulted in a current plan to replicate a sustainable community corridor redevelopment program in five cities throughout the South

The Portfolio of Replicable Projects: CEDC’s Portfolio is a menu of viable project options designed to help local economic organizers choose the clean energy projects that work best for them. Each project contains information about how to best replicate the project in another community, including the financing options and partnerships required. The Portfolio includes both capacity-building projects and business projects.

The Portfolio’s capacity-building projects range from sustainable business roundtables to community-college workforce partnerships.  The business projects range from small-scale residential solar thermal water systems to city-wide green school initiatives. CEDC will begin publishing a quarterly Portfolio of Replicable Projects in July, 2011.